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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, event of:

Half Marathon
10 km Fun Run
10 x 4.2 km Relay
4.2 km DAK-Family Run
2.1 km Students Run


news 220816 stadtspektakelFrom the Holstentor to the Baltic Sea. The marathon runners will be starting at the historical 800-years-old inner-city. After circumnavigating the Holstentor the track leads directly to the Baltic Sea coast and then back to the city core, which will be the central venue for all runners. The marathon itself, and further the 4.000 athletes, several DJs andpresenter, a huge video wall and many booths and stands are part of this big spectacle.

news 160816 designInitially, the organization team of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon has been calling up for a competition concerning the design of the new event shirt. More than 25 suggestions in highly diverse versions have been submitted until the closing date. In the end, Julia Dahl from Lübeck has come out on top. Now, she can be glad about both the winner bonus and the opportunity to design the event shirt for the 9th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon.

news 120816 eigene startnumGreat pleasure! For the first time, runners at the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon will get a bib number with their own name on it. In order to be able to take this chance, you need to enroll online until August 21st, 2016. It’s a service that includes the already almost 1.000 pre-registrations. All other athletes are kindly invited to benefit by the second period of registrations which expires on August 16th, 2016!

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Stadtwerke Lübeck