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Eine  Veranstaltung  des
Lübecker Marathon e.V.
in Kooperation mit der
Hansestadt Lübeck

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13. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon, event of:

Half Marathon
10 km Fun Run
10 x 4.2 km Relay
4.2 km DAK-Family Run
2.1 km Students Run


 web jg 201910131228 6293Great cheering in the finish area. Jan Kaschura (Run Artist Holzminden) wins the 12th "Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon" in 2:28:37 and an impressive form. With a new PB, it undercuts the previous track record from 2009 by almost 3 minutes. In the women's race, Pia von Keutz (Columbia Cougars) also wins with a new track record in 2:57:19. In her first marathon ever! Several thousand spectators in the center of Lübeck celebrated the winners with honor and applause ...

 web fk 201910131002 5266The 12th "Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon" on Sunday with moer than 4100 participants has showed again that it is obviously one of the most nicest running events in the region and even in Germany. 506 marathoners started at 10 to run the 42,2km track distance which goes from the city centre of Lübeck, around the "Holstentor" to Travemünde and all the way back. With mild temperatures and little wind runners had almost perfect conditions. Thousands of spectators provided plenty of mood and motivation.


 web fk 201910131122 6219They all have made the 12th "Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon" to a special experience and great success. All together 761 helpers, both younger and older ones, helped along the whole track distance and have ensured a smooth process and great support of the runners. Beside the volunteers, a big thank you also goes to the police, paramedics, THW any other involved companies, including the crew of Radio Lübeck, logistics, tent constructors, technicians and those who participated in the set-up and dismantling. The 12th "Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon" is moreover your success.

  web jg 201810141305 0486The 12th edition of Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon is expecting again more than 4,000 participants from 18 countries in the hanseatic city of Lübeck. The team of „Lübecker Marathon e.V.“, more than 750 volunteers and the whole city are well prepared for the running event. With the support of numerous sponsors and partners, the organizers can present one of the most beautiful running events in Germany ...

 webjg 201810140934 9775Lübeck is expecting with Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon an experience of a special kind. More than 4,000 participants are coming! Volunteers, paramedics, police and partners take care about the event to ensure a smooth flow. Around the town hall, everything is set for marathon on Friday.

 webIMG 6269Lübeck Marathon – the greatest running event in the region for kids, families and company teams. Kids and teenagers are usually running the 2,1k or 4,2k distance. The relay, 10x4,2k is the absolute highlight in terms of atmosphere and good vibes in the city centre of Lübeck. Up tp 1500 employees in more than 150 relay teams will be starting...


webAnmeldung 2019

Running friends pay attention! Registration for the 12th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon starts! Again thousands of runners from all parts of Europe make their way on the beautiful track between Holstentor and the Baltic Sea on 13 October 2019. The coming marathon promises emotions and pure joy of running. Many helpers and spectators are already prepared for the fantastic mood on the track


webIMG 6348Sören Bach from Hamburg has fulfilled a little dream in Lübeck. He was the first to win the marathon three times in a row. After 2:35:28 he crossed the finish line in the downtown area of Lübeck. The Briton Liam Ridings (Hamburg) finished second in 2:36:11 ahaed of Paul Muluwe from Lübeck in 2:46:25. Her third victory in Lübeck was also celebrated by Britta Giesen. She won in 3:11:55. Thousands of spectators applauded the marathon runners...


webIMG 6269

More than 4000 runners and thousands of spectators turned the 11. Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon into a big runners party in Lübeck Downtown. In addition to the Marathonis and Halfmarathonis from 31 nations, 1160 runners from the entire region took part at the 10 x 4,2km marathon-relay. Teamspirit and fun was the best motivation. Winning team was the LG Zippels Runaways with 2:30:26 ...

news sieger 2017With 476 participants the Marathon was heavily occupied this year. 3 times marathon winner of Lübeck and owner of the course record Jon - Paul Hendriksen (NZL) as well as last year's winner Sören Bach from Hamburg were considered as one of the favorites. Sören Bach secured himself the title with a time of 2:37:22, ahead of Jon - Paul Hendriksen (2:42:10) and Michael Keil (2:42:35). Britta Giesen from Hamburg won the women's race again with a time of 3:10:40.

news helfer 2017What a Party for the 10th Jubilee! More than 750 volunteers, rescue workers, policemen and others made the 10th Lübeck Stadtwerke marathon a great experience. 4350 runners from all over Germany and Europe took part in Lübeck with glorious sunshine. Helpers D’Js and the great audience provide a perfect scenery from the Holstentor to Travemünde. First in Lübeck marathon history the marathoner passed the lighthouse at the Travemünde pier.



news 020916 nudelpartyBeginning of October the whole region is up and about again. The Hanseatic city of Lübeck expects more than 4.000 athletes as well as thousands of spectators along the track. Between Holstentor and Burgtor the whole inner-city is in control of the runners. The relay race, the DAK-Family-Run as well as the Schnupperlauf benefit from the new date by having the highest amount of runners incremental.

news 220816 stadtspektakelFrom the Holstentor to the Baltic Sea. The marathon runners will be starting at the historical 800-years-old inner-city. After circumnavigating the Holstentor the track leads directly to the Baltic Sea coast and then back to the city core, which will be the central venue for all runners. The marathon itself, and further the 4.000 athletes, several DJs andpresenter, a huge video wall and many booths and stands are part of this big spectacle.

news 160816 designInitially, the organization team of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon has been calling up for a competition concerning the design of the new event shirt. More than 25 suggestions in highly diverse versions have been submitted until the closing date. In the end, Julia Dahl from Lübeck has come out on top. Now, she can be glad about both the winner bonus and the opportunity to design the event shirt for the 9th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon.

news 120816 eigene startnumGreat pleasure! For the first time, runners at the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon will get a bib number with their own name on it. In order to be able to take this chance, you need to enroll online until August 21st, 2016. It’s a service that includes the already almost 1.000 pre-registrations. All other athletes are kindly invited to benefit by the second period of registrations which expires on August 16th, 2016!

EuropeIn the course of the application process for the 9th edition of the Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon again runners from other European countries are expected. The marathon from the Holstentor to the Baltic Sea has become an insider's tip for every type of runners. Until now, people from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and France have signed in.

NewsThe corporate sportsman are coming for their annual competition to the Trave: The "Corporate sport championship Marathon and Half-marathon". They will experience a fantastic event around the Holstentor. The 10 x 4.2km relay will be one of the highlights. Here, the organization team expects more than 140 teams.

Noch mehr ServiceThe 9th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon will offer you new services. This year the event will take place one week earlier, on 9th October. Again, 4.000 runners are expected. For the first time marathon runners will get their split time at the marathon turnaround. Furthermore, there will be a win bonus in case of beating the record time. Also, the 2nd German Betriebsportmeisterschaften (marathon and half-marathon) will be hold in the course of the event.

News 032016 MarathonauftaktOn 23th March, the organization team of the 9th Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon has met sports men, sponsors, partners and representatives of the city of Lübeck for a kick-off event regarding this year's marathon. Initially, the new finish-banner with a width of 4 meters has been presented at the roofs of Lübeck. In total, more than 4.000 runners from over 20 nations will be expected. In order to reach this goal, beforehand the event will be advertised at other big marathons in Germany.

News Rekord
It's a novelty that never has been achieved in Lübeck before. The Lübecker Marathon e.V. is able to announce a first record few days before the start. At least 3.500 pre-registrations of people from 14 different nations could be count for the 8th Stadtwerke Lübeck marathon. This includes runners from South Africa, Japan, Spain, Denmark and Great Britain. Furthermore, almost 140 relay teams have applied.

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